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Sunday Blogbits – The Tumor Man

A weary Sunday for me. My son is ill and so is wife. She injured her back last week. The doctors have advised her to rest. I have been busy balancing between work and family.Pretty tough job. Make sure you read to the last. I have something for you at the end. You shouldn’t miss […]

Optimizing Website Structure for SE Rankings

This post is a synopsis from one of the chapters in the book “SEO Fast Start” by Dan Thies. It deals with optimizing your web site structure for better visitor experience and Search Engine indexing. According to Dan Thies, there are 4 goals to keep in mind, while working on the structure of any website. […]

Weekend Talk – Google Adsense and 3rd Party Ads

It was a dilemma I faced when I was setting up the Micro Niche experiment blog last week. I wanted to place ads from Bidvertiser with Google Ads, to give better options to the visitor and, in a way enhance their experience. Bidvertiser was clear; We have no problems having our ads run side by […]

Google Supplemental Index Re-visited

When Google announced to merge its indices in December 2007 a deep sigh of relieve filled cyberspace. And webmasters near and far, watched their web pages once again resurfacing from the crevices of hell, known also as the supplemental index. Introduced in 2003, the purpose of the supplemental index was to lighten the load on […]

Sunday Blogbits – Micro Niche Marketing Case Study Part 1

Another Sunday; Another edition. Welcome, as always. Today’s edition is going to be pretty interesting, as I am launching Google SEO Case Study. I have been working on ground rules since Friday. I am a great believer of Blueprints and detailed planning. I am going to share the minute details here so you can follow […]