Blogging Tips

The Importance Of Your Blog Design

Contrary to some beliefs, your blogs design could actually be responsible for your lack of traffic. Why? Because when we visit a blog we normally decide within seconds on whether we want to hang around or whether we click away. This “reflex action” is mainly induced by two factors.

A Simplified Guide to Niche Marketing

This article is an attempt to answer the question “How to setup a Niche marketing website?” I received from one of the Blogrepreneur readers through Yahoo IM. I am not going to explain what Niche marketing is. What I am going to do is give you a clearcut blueprint to start, establish and hopefully profit […]

The Politics of Guest Blogging

This week I am not posting the usual Review Thursday column. Since I haven’t written any good posts, I decided to compensate for it today. I am yet to recover completely and so, not really in the best of my writing moods. Nevertheless, lets see what I come up with. Guest Blogging. We all know […]

Full Feed Vs Partial Feed: The Debate Continues

This was once a very hot topic. As a blogger, what should you offer you subscribers in their Reader? A full feed to read from their desktop or online reader, or a partial feed with a “Click More” option to visit your blog and lap your article up. Why should you offer a partial feed? […]