Affiliate Marketing

Download the Squidoo Guide

Squidoo has long been a great arsenal for every Internet Marketer. Squidoo has a humongous amount of success stories in many walks of life. Institutions and individuals have all benefited from setting up Squidoo lenses. This includes even charitable organizations that have successfully raised funds for noble causes. In short, Squidoo is Seth Godin’s fantastic […]

A Simplified Guide to Niche Marketing

This article is an attempt to answer the question “How to setup a Niche marketing website?” I received from one of the Blogrepreneur readers through Yahoo IM. I am not going to explain what Niche marketing is. What I am going to do is give you a clearcut blueprint to start, establish and hopefully profit […]

Review Thursday – Web2Submitter

In this week’s edition of review Thursday, I bring you Web2Submitter, a software that supposedly reduces your Web 2.0 promotion time by many many hours a week. It is basically a Syndicating tool; in other words, a social bookmarker. I have owned this software for the past 6 months. Before we go ahead, please take […]

Weekend Talk – An update on Micro Niche Finder

In my last post, I discussed about how you can use Micro Niche Finder to gain insight into smaller and profitable niche markets to develop a passive Adsense or affiliate marketing portfolio. Towards the second half, when I was discussing the feature, I ended up criticizing the SOC feature. SOC stands for Strength of Competition. […]

How to Make Money in Saturated Markets – Part 2

Last week I discussed how it was really possible to make money in saturated markets with the proper know-how. I promised to pen down a sequel where I reveal how it is done without beating the head against the wall. Well, lets get to it. Last week, I picked up a software called Micro Niche […]