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First off, I want to make it clear, this isn’t a paid review. These are my personal thoughts. That said, let me begin. is a WordPress related blog. It was formerly owned by a guy named Bob from Malaysia. A smart guy Bob, he designed quite a few stunning themes for wordpress and built a reputation for himself. As his themes spread around, his blog received a lot of backlinks. I myself have used one of his themes in an ex blog of mine.

Recently Google awarded BOB with a Pagerank 6. Bob saw this as an opportunity to cash in some good moolah. The blog was auctioned at and was sold for $10,000 to Jai Nischal Verma from Delhi, India. Bob’s story ends right there. Goodbye Bob.

My first impression of the sale was negative. BlogOhBlog had 366 subscribers during the sale and a very good Alexa ranking. I wasn’t very sure how the new owner would ride it. I got in touch with him and a bit of probe revealed to me that Jai himself was a very good designer and an ace programmer. I was partially convinced that the blog still had a very good future.

Jai has been pretty active in the Blog. He has released quite a few themes with varied versions in a very short time. He recently released a 5 page SEO report for newbie bloggers which has received very good response. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, I suggest you do. Click here.

As of this writing, I see Jai has a subscriber base of 933. That is a rise of over 500 subscribers. I am fully convinced at this stage that the Blog does have a very good future.

The only advice I can give Jai is that he creates some very good pillar posts, even if it be just one a week. Pillar contents are the foundation of every blog and are the elements that add tremendous value and make visitors come back.

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