Review Thursday – An appeal to my readers

I did not find any product worthy of a review this week. I admit, there are many worthwhile products in the market, and I do have a few of them. The reason why I am not reviewing them is lack of experiments. I want to try and experiment a product before I can review it. I know this isn’t possible always, but I will try to follow this principle for as long as I can.

So, all said and done, we are without a review this week. Let me use this excuse to get a break. By the way, before I close, 1. I believe Google Reader is down and not syndicating the feeds. So, if you have subscribed to my blog using Google, you may have received this late. Look for a backup! 2. Please try and leave a comment after you read my posts. This has a greater purpose than just a few lines.

Comments are nothing but opinions. Your opinions matter a lot to me as a writer. It can help me grow. Apart from that, your comments are a fuel for my vehicle called thought. They keep it fired up all the time and help me fall a prey to de-motivation. I am a human being too. I put in a lot of effort to create good and useful posts. When I do not hear from my readers, my initial impression is, “nobody is reading what I write, so should I continue?”

Do you hear me?

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  1. I hear you :)

    … and I agree with you. It’s always easier to write when you get feedback on what you write about. It’s more interesting to write and follow the discussion after I post is published, and it sort of makes it worth you while.

    But don’t think that we are not reading what you write, because I bet a lot of people are (just take a look at your stats).

    What if you always end your posts with a question, would that help your readers to become more active and leave comments?

  2. Thanks Jens,

    That was pretty encouraging man. I agree with the stats, but you know, to hear a voice is different. A post with a queston at the end. Hmm, good thoughts.

    Thanks again!

  3. Your captcha question is a killer! I wrote you a very nice comment, and it was blown away by my calculation abilities :)

  4. Ouch, really sorry about that. The captcha sometimes acts real funny.

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