Bangladesh: Mother Nature at her angriest moment

I had to cancel the part 4 of the “How to” series after reading some of the past days news. One of them that took most of my attention and pushed me to delve deeper was the recent cyclone in Bangladesh. I have to admit, I was speechless after reading some of the stories.

The latest stats show that nearly 3500 people have died in the past few days and this figure continues to rise. Imagine, you go to sleep in peace in the night, looking forward to the next day, another usual day and then the morning comes, but you don’t wake up. A demonic storm has taken you away with it, has separated you from your loved one, who again are either dead or alive. I am baffled by the whole incident. I cry for their misery. Alas, I am helpless. Man is helpless. Truly helpless.


I could go on and on with this, but I do not want to. Instead I will share some photos I collected throughout my online journey of information on this incident.



This baby is among the survivors and has been named “Cyclone”.





A refugee camp. For how long will they stay here?



Nearly 1000 fishermen are reported missed. I presume they are dead already. What else can I say?







When will the relief come?





May the Lord have mercy on all of them. Ameen.


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