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Dee Wilson hails from the US. She is a web enthusiast and a professional blogger. She is also a business thinker. Her thoughts currently are running around Social Marketing and Networking.

Google Supplemental Index Re-visited

When Google announced to merge its indices in December 2007 a deep sigh of relieve filled cyberspace. And webmasters near and far, watched their web pages once again resurfacing from the crevices of hell, known also as the supplemental index. Introduced in 2003, the purpose of the supplemental index was to lighten the load on […]

Guest Article – Thumbs Down On Social Marketing?

The mere thought of getting the boot from the ever growing social networking communities, such as Digg, Propellar, Newsvine etc., humbles even the most fearless online marketer today. To be judged unworthy a member and to be expelled from their circles of influence to countless masses adds to the nightmare. Because it is within these […]