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What is your SE Ranking Strategy?

Google fixed the PageRank error yesterday

In the past 4 days, Google PageRanks for many blogs/sites were lowered and some of them were even unranked. Sites such as, where one can verify the site PageRanks directly from Google’s servers were giving out weird results. This led to a conclusion in the webmasters world that Google was running another update and […]

What are your criteria for choosing Affiliate Programs?

A very serious question. Affiliate programs are one of the hottest money makers online. Whether, you are blogger or a traditional Internet Marketer, affiliate marketing will normally be a part of your monetization strategy. Some of the most successful people online have encountered their “Magic Moment” through Affiliate Marketing.

A Blogging Contest on the way

Here is another announcement. I will be holding a RSS Subscriber contest to celebrate the launch and build the blog’s popularity. I will give the details later next week as I am putting them all together. I will be giving away 1 prize every week until my RSS subscriber target is met. Subscribe now to […]

Announcing Blogrepreneur

Alright, everyone has a welcome post, an introductory article, the Genesis. This is mine. Yes, this is a new blog, but I am not new to blogging. I have handled 3 blogs in the past as part of an experiment. Blogrepreneur is different. It is here to stay. Although, this blog is about the New […]