Announcing Blogrepreneur

Alright, everyone has a welcome post, an introductory article, the Genesis. This is mine. Yes, this is a new blog, but I am not new to blogging. I have handled 3 blogs in the past as part of an experiment. Blogrepreneur is different. It is here to stay.

Although, this blog is about the New Age entrepreneur called Blogger, I won’t limit my contents just to it. You will find articles here, related to business and life. I will speak what hits my mind as a worthy content. I am disgusted with the number of money making blogs that are floating online. This blog will hold a different approach. I want to talk about earning a living online when I want to, I want to talk about the hungry kids in Africa when I feel for them, I want to talk about George Bush when he launches his next Missile, I want to talk about the places I like and want to retire, I want to ramble a bit when I can. After all, isn’t this we all want when we talk about Financial Freedom? The ability to do what we want to do, when we want to?

This blog is my way of giving back to the Internet world where I took my career baby steps 6 years back and have grown since then.

As of this writing, the blog has an:

  • Alexa ranking of 2,176,961
  • Google N/A PageRank
  • 0 backlinks
  • 0 Technorati authority and ranking

We will start from these figures and follow up for the next 2 years. Subscribe to my RSS feed to keep yourself updated. You are gonna love it.

Alright, Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s start off.

Good Day

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