AFS Loans Online – Offer for Unsecured Personal Loans

A friend of mine recently recommended I checkout a company called Accommodative Financial Services or AFS for short. If you are interested in an unsecured business or personal loan, then look no futher than AFS. They offer a full line of unsecured business and personal loans and even have a 100% Approval Guarantee.

Personal loans range from $10,000 – $150,000 and rates can be as little as 6.99%. Interest rates are set based on a number of factors including your credit score.

Getting approved for a personal loan from AFS consists of 4 easy steps.

Step #1 AFS will help you decide how much you want to borrow.

Step #2 Based on your qualifying factors, AFS will tell you what size loan you can expect.

Step #3 AFS will find the correct lenders based on your personal needs.

Step#4 Through the use of desktop conferencing, AFS will submit your loan application the same day!

If you need money for any reason, I’d recommend giving AFS a call. They have a quick 5 minute application, no upfront fees, and they offer a private consultation. They also have a quick 24 – 48 hour approval for most applications.

As home equity loans become harder to get, it is a perfect time to consider an unsecured personal loan from AFS. If you need money for vacation, furniture, or that home remodeling project, give AFS a try.

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  1. Outfits like this are brokers and they will extract a fee – a HEFTY fee – if you do get a loan. I’m not saying that they’re shady operators because you CAN get loans this way; BUT… MAKE SURE THAT YOU READ THE FINE PRINT AND UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU WILL PAY, HOW THEY CALCULATE INTEREST (usually it’s “the rule of 78″) AND WHAT YOU ARE COMMITTING TO.

    If they use “the rule of 78″ you are in for upfront interest that you are locked into even if you are able to pay off the loan early. BEWARE!!!

  2. That’s a nice tip to get the loan.
    By using a financial lending institution that will search the market on your behalf and compare loans, one surely can have the best rate possible for your unsecured personal loan.


  4. Nice tip. I don’t see posts like this to often. Finding companies that help people secure loans is not easy.

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