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Welcome to the first 2008 edition of Sunday Blogbits. Hope all of you had a great holiday and celebration. Some of you, I am sure are still holidaying while many have got back to business. Hmm, so what’s new in the Blogosphere? Let’s take a look.

Caroline Middlebrook has released her long awaited ebook on WordPress Niche Marketing. She was supposed to have released it even before I released my book, but certain issues in her personal life, as she puts it, prevented her from doing so. I encourage you to download and give it a go. There surely is some interesting information there.

JohnCow has released, a set of Made For Adsense Splogs. Another false dream of creating automatic cash. I am not sure what John has in mind. Maybe he wants to create a Global Warming phenomenon in the Blogosphere by polluting it. Maybe his bank account is empty. Whatever it maybe, I am not surprised.

That reminds me, I am working on a WordPress Adsense and Affiliate Blog. myself. Oh, it isn’t a Splog. The contents are original and of good quality. I just started work on it 2 days back. I will cover this in the next week’s Sunday Blogbits. This is a Live Experiment I will be updating here for all my readers with weekly statistics of the development. Believe me, it is pretty exciting project and I urge you to stay abreast by subscribing to my RSS feed or email.

Now to the meat of the edition. My Affiliate Marketing Policy. Last Thursday I announced that I will be launching an Affiliate Review section. I want to slowly and steadily introduce monetization channels for the Blog so it follows a self funding route, especially when I get in paid guest authors.

In doing so, I, in no way want to ruin my reputation by promoting anything and everything. So, I have come up with a few “rules of the game”.

  1. I will promote a product I am convinced about.

  2. Where it is possible, I will buy the product myself before recommending.

  3. I will review each product with as much detail as I can gather.

  4. There will be only 1 product every week.

  5. I will, if possible write a value post in relation to the product.

  6. I will talk about the good and bad and leave the court open for readers to judge.

  7. I will, in no way be influenced by the compensation level of a product.

  8. I will place priority to Quality and usability of the product.

  9. If there is a catch, I will be the first one to expose it.

  10. Lastly and obviously, I will expect the affiliate URL to be clicked upon and bought :).

So, this is my Affiliate review policy and I will follow it closely. If I break my rules, I won’t worry, as you, my readers can correct always correct me.

Look forward to my first issue of Affiliate Review coming Thursday. At this point you will agree with me that you have much to lose if you go without subscribing to my Blog. Subscribe to Blogrepreneur.

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  1. Speaking of keeping you honest…..your comment links have the nofollow enabled but you claim to be a Dofollow site.

    Which is it?

  2. Interesting. I have installed Link Lucia’s Do Follow plugin. It is supposed to do everything. Let me double check. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  3. Alright, I fixed it. Thanks again Joe.

  4. It’s nice to see someone put himself on the line like this. I hope it works out for the best.

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  8. Great policy!

    I have a very similar policy on my blog but I never made an individual “policy page” or laid it out as thoroughly as you have. Nor am I as systematic as you are on affiliate promotions or non-promotions. It’s a great idea however. I am going to come back to this blog in the future, it is good to have somewhere to look for unbiased reviews when one is wondering “to buy or not to buy.”

  9. Great review! Are you using WP SEO Sniper on your 404 Page? What plugin are you using for your 404 pages to inlcude those links?

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