A Word about the Contest

I had mentioned about a contest last week that I plan to run very soon. I have put up some cool prizes and am looking for more ideas. I am also looking for sponsors who wish to join hands for good exposure and traffic. If you are a blogger and are interested in sponsoring a prize, contact me and we will work it out.

More about the contest next week.


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  1. Hi Blorepreneur,

    I’d be happy to sponsor a prize. Hmn, well I was thinking that instead of a prize, I’ll be sponsoring to increase your number of participants.

    Here’s my offer: I’ll give my blogging ebook to everyone who will join your contest. I think it’ll serve some nudge for more people to join.

    If you are interested, please do contact me at my email (webloggr@gmail.com) and I’d be more than happy to sponsor. I could send you my ebook first of course. =D

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