Sunday Blogbits – Bidding Farewell to 2007

The year has literally come to an end. This is the last edition of Sunday Blogbits as well as my last post for this year. This year has had its own good and bad. For me, the year started with a bit of turmoil with the closing of my Hedge Fund, but got better in April when I met the C.E.O of Royal Forex Trading, Mr. Rayan Elannan. It was a come back to my old passion, Marketing and Business Development. From there, things have taken off pretty well for me. The year end witnessed the launch of and the release of my book on Google Analytics. So, overall, 2007 was a good year.

As of today, Blogrepreneur is 49 days old. 7 calendar weeks. In these 7 weeks, the Blog has witnessed an excellent growth, beyond my expectation. One of my goals was to reach the 100 subscriber figure before the year end. Let me give you a recap of the developments the blog has gone through in the past 7 weeks.

  • Alexa Rank – 880,401 -> 212,566
  • Google PR – NA – Same
  • Backlinks – 120 -> 500+
  • Technorati – 461,000 -> 224,227
  • RSS Subscribers – 97 -> 137

The Blog has received 10,055 visitors and 15,332 page views according to Google Analytics. Apart from the above, I was able to set aside time to finish an educational series for newbie bloggers titled “Blogging 101”. Almost simultaneously, I released my book “ABC of Google Analytics”. The book has been downloaded by 230 people.

The above is definitely not bad, considering the time frame they were achieved in. I am happy, but definitely not satisfied. If there is one thing in the world that never gets filled, it is the desire of man. So, I am just another human craving for more.

It is time to say farewell now and to welcome the year 2008. I plan to start the year with a set of goals for myself and my blog. I am going to work on them one by one, reward myself when each one is achieved, until all of them are fulfilled by year end.

  1. Guest Blog at least 3 times in a month.

  2. Create powerful linkbait articles.

  3. Achieve a Page Rank of 6.

  4. Average 2500 Page views per day.

  5. Rank below 50,000 in Alexa.

  6. Enter Technorati Top 1000 Blogs.

  7. Develop 50 Social Media Contacts.

  8. Gain 1000 RSS Subscribers.

  9. Generate $2500 in Monthly Income.

  10. Develop

  11. Launch, A Marketing Venture.

  12. Achieve Financial Independence.

I know the goals are not really modest, but I do believe in thinking outrageously. By the end of 2008, if I achieve even 70% of the above, I will be very happy. There is one other element that I briefly mentioned in the Goal list. It is a technology related blog I started sometime back. My younger brother Azeem runs the show at the moment. By the end of 2008, I hope to see similar achievement, at

I want to thank all my visitors and RSS readers for helping me achieve the above. I hope to see the same community feeling in the year 2008 and later.

Welcome 2008.

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  1. Great job and well done. I wish you all the best in 2008. You are so organized and focused!

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