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The Politics Of Blogging

With plenty of recent uproar in the blogging world, it seems that there has been some kind of evolution going on. Everywhere we look there are more and more bloggers that don’t follow the old schools of blogging anymore. These men and women mean business and they don’t shut up about it either.In some instances […]

Social Networking Made Easy

I’m not sure how you feel about social networking sites popping up pretty much weekly these days, but it really drives me nuts. With all the hype that normally surrounds these launches, we cannot help but feel like we miss out if we don’t join right now.Do you ever get this feeling too? I bet […]

The Importance Of Your Blog Design

Contrary to some beliefs, your blogs design could actually be responsible for your lack of traffic. Why? Because when we visit a blog we normally decide within seconds on whether we want to hang around or whether we click away. This “reflex action” is mainly induced by two factors.