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Introducing Embedded Youtube Plugin

This project was in the back burner. In January, I had decided that I would release one Plugin every month to the public for free. It has been long overdue, until now. This week, I had my programmer friend work on a Plugin idea, that I thought of 2 weeks back.

Monetizing Your Facebook App

This post was guest blogged by Michael Conrad from Make Money Online blog. Since it was released, thousands of users on Facebook have taken their turn in trying out Facebook’s API’s. The programs range from simple games to mini book stores. At first, these programs were created for the user to have something interesting to […]

Sunday Blogbits – Micro Niche Marketing Update

It has been couple weeks now that I haven’t posted an update on the Micro Niche Marketing Project. To refresh, I am building a niche blog on Acne Cure at AcneCure. The reason why I did not update is because there literally was nothing happening. The progress had completely stalled after I moved to the […]

Link Building Tips from My Experience

This is a guest blog post by Scott Hughes, administrator of the Philosophy Forums I have read a lot of lists of ways to build links. Most of the ways have not worked well for me or just did not apply to my websites. However, I have tried a lot of different methods, and I […]

Review Thursday – An appeal to my readers

I did not find any product worthy of a review this week. I admit, there are many worthwhile products in the market, and I do have a few of them. The reason why I am not reviewing them is lack of experiments. I want to try and experiment a product before I can review it. […]