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The Politics of Guest Blogging

This week I am not posting the usual Review Thursday column. Since I haven’t written any good posts, I decided to compensate for it today. I am yet to recover completely and so, not really in the best of my writing moods. Nevertheless, lets see what I come up with. Guest Blogging. We all know […]

A Fresh Look at SEO for 2008

Here is a fresh look at SEO for your business in 2008. I was reading a book on SEO by Dan Thies today and was very impressed by his approach to Search Engines. Like every book/thesis on SEO, Dan covers the basics of Search Engines in the beginning and then goes to explore the deeper […]

Sunday Blogbits – Micro Niche Marketing re-visited

This is a post I was supposed to have written on Sunday. I am feeling somewhat better today and decided to pen down some thoughts here. A pretty slow week for me, after the accident I met with. I haven’t really monitored anything in the Blogosphere. To top it, my wife’s aunt expired today due […]

I have to take a break

I met with an accident on Wednesday morning and badly injured my left knee. I have no choice, but to take a break from writing this week. I will resume possibly on Sunday or coming Tuesday. I need to rest until then. Have a good weekend.

Celebrity Bloggers: How Google Found them

The title has no direct relation to what I am writing today. I had to gain your attention. The information I am sharing is pertinent to your growth as a Search Engine Marketer and will help you outrank your competition in a healthy manner, so you do not make enemies. So, what are we dealing […]