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When should you post on your blog? – Part 7

This is the next important question. You now have a blog, have tweaked it to become search engine friendly, have found your niche and are now ready to post. What should be your posting schedule? There are a lot of newbies that start with all the excitement in the world and post 1 or 2 […]

Guest Article – Thumbs Down On Social Marketing?

The mere thought of getting the boot from the ever growing social networking communities, such as Digg, Propellar, Newsvine etc., humbles even the most fearless online marketer today. To be judged unworthy a member and to be expelled from their circles of influence to countless masses adds to the nightmare. Because it is within these […]

From around the World

I received a mail from my father-in-law a few minutes back. He is always sending me interesting stuff from around the world. This email had a few images of a new Rickshaw released in the U.A.E. The looks are lovely indeed. For those of you that are confused, this is a new public transportation vehicle […]

Web Analytics: An inevitable element of your business

I have been pretty busy with my job today and have had very little time for myself. Nevertheless, I managed to spare sometime for a post. I am not going to focus on the output because of the tight schedule. If you find grammatical mistakes, please ignore them. Not much of a choice. Anyways, let […]

What niche do you settle on for your blog? – Part 6

You are at a point in your quest to become a blogger, where you have to decide, what thoughts to pen down about. This is very important to shape the future of your online publishing system. Literally everything is based on this decision of yours. If you had 90 days to become a successful blogger, […]